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Problems Installing MGB SWAY BAR On the MGA -- FS-103C
MGB sway bar under tie rod at full compression

At 07:28 AM 2/9/06, John Winter wrote:

>"I could not install the Moss 3/4" OEM sway bar on my '57 MGA. By cutting down the Moss supplied MGB end-links and installing the bar under the frame extension, at 4.5 in., the top of the links would not clear the steering arms on full left/right lock. The Moss bar is too wide - the links would not fit at any length.
MGB swaybar and MGB link, installed but not connectedbrackets and installed the bar on top of the extension, as per original. But the Moss supplied MGB links are too short. The ends of the sway bar hit the steering gaiters on full left/right lock when the suspension bottoms out and would cause premature wear on the rubber.
>I bought the Victoria British end-links and they are much better than Moss's - they're longer and have better welds than Moss's stamp-welded links.

The standard MGB links supplied by Moss are too long for bottom mounting and too short for top mounting. For bottom mounting you need to shorten the links. For top mounting you need to use the longer MGA links.

When mounting the MGB sway bar underneath, it may be too wide and may interfere with the MGA steering arms at full lock. When mounting the MGB sway bar on top, it will interfere with the steering rack gaiters at full lock when using the MGB links. Apparently the only way the MGB sway bar will work on the MGA without interference is with top mounting and using the MGA links.

Notice the second picture above showing a sway bar with offset kick at the end and also upward arch of the bar over the tie rod. The upward arch allows more clearance from the tie rod and rack so the bar does not interfere with the rack gaiter. The offset kick positions the bar a little further inboard in front of the rack which will accommodate wider tires on full lock without the tire rubbing on the sway bar. Bars with straight end arms will work with original narrow tires up to 165-15 size. For wider tires the offset arm type bar is recommended.

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