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At 02:38 PM 8/31/05 -0600, Dennis Pickrel wrote:
"Do you know where I can get a used leaf spring? My drivers side rear is sagging".

Replacing one leaf spring is a little risky, not generally recommended, but it can be done in a pinch (sometimes). They settle a little over time. When used in matched pairs the settling is usually about even on both sides, so the car may sit level for decades. When you mix old springs from different cars you may end up not level. The cure for that would be to shim the high side between the spring and axle to lower the car to match the low side. Kind of a pain, but it works if the sag or the difference is not too great. A lot of recent new replacement leaf springs have been arched much too high, so mixing one new spring with an old one would likely be entirely non-tenable.

If the old leaf springs are in good condition, other than for the sagging, a good spring shop can re-arch the springs to put them back to original ride height (or a tad higher if you prefer, although I wouldn't recommend it).

Yes, I know I didn't answer his question (at least not in public), because I'm not a vendor or a broker (but I do often have an ear to the ground).

At 02:50 AM 5/21/2006 -0600, Tommy Baker in Japan wrote:
"As for the Moss leaf springs, from a flat surface to the top of the arch (not the center bolt) it measures 7 1/16 inches. For the stock spring, mind you it has probably sagged over the years, it measures 6 1/4 inches, a full 7/16 difference. It sure feels like more."

(It is more, 13/16 - inch difference).

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