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REBOUND STRAPS, Length Of New Ones -- RS-112

Reboubd straps As noted on the prior page, length of rebound straps for the MGA should be abut 9-inches (230-mm) center to center of the bounting studs, when loaded after any stretching. 8-3/4-inches (220-mm) when new may be good, but not longer than 9-inches. Following are some photos and notes on current aftermarket parts.

AHH5081 Strap, rebound --- Applications:
Austin Healey Sprite 1958-1969, all --- MK-I, II, III, IV --- H-AN5; H-AN6; H-AN7; H-AN8; H-AN9
MG Midget 1961-1974 MK-I, II, III; --- G-AN1; G-AN2; G-AN3; G-AN4; G-AN5
MGA all --- 1500, 1600, 1600-MK-II, Twin Cam, roadsters and Coupes

SUPPLIERS: (Listing only those having a known or specified length) AHH5081 220mm (8-11/16") british-passion (eBay) AHH5081 8-1/2" (216mm) (267-610) AHH5081 215mm (8-7/16") lotsofclassicbits (eBay) AHH5081 8-5/8" (219mm) Moss Motors UK 267-610 8-5/8" (219mm) Moss Motors USA

Photos below are compliments of Noel Attard
Reboubd straps 220mm
MOSS UK: (AHH5081)
Length from half center bolt
to half center bolt = 220mm
Reboubd straps 240mm
Standard Length
Length from half center bolt
to half center bolt = 240mm
This nylon strap is wrong for MGA

Photos at right show old strap at 228mm (9-in), and new strap at 216mm (8-1/2-in). These measurements are between the bolts, not on centers, implying that the old strap must be somewhat stretched.

Both NEW types of straps (below) the one from Moss with rubber coating and the nylon type as you can see are 2cm longer.
Reboubd straps 228mm Reboubd straps 216mm

Reboubd straps 240mm
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