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FLAT WRENCHES, King Dick - TF-111

King Dick flat wrenches

These are King Dick flat wrenches from the tool kit of a late 1958 production MGA. The piece at top of picture was a surprise to me, being the first time I had seen a King Dick double ended closed end spanner (double box end wrench). Original style from Dec 31, 1958.
1/2-inch open flat wrench 1/2-inch open flat wrench 1/2-inch open flat wrench

Below is a picture of the more common King Dick closed end wrenches. The first one with the wider hande is the smaller size 1/2-inch for rocker arm adjustment (and other things). The one with the narrow handle is the larger 9/16-inch for head bolts (and other things). Original from November 25-26, 1957.
King Dick flat box wrenches
1/2-inch box flat wrench 9/16-inch box flat wrench
Click for higher resoluton PDF copies of the drawings. Thanks to Rodney Fisher in Australia for copies of original factory drawings of these tools.

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