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A pressure bleeder will make short work of bleeding the hydraulic brakes and clutch for a single person with no helper required. The MG clutch system is notoriously difficult to bleed manually, but easy with a pressure bleeder. There are several choices of tools here, which may lend some idea to how wide spread the problem is. I will simply list the devices here, as you may find instructions on their use under Hydraulics Tech HT-106

Visibleed check valve bleeder Gunson Eezibleed pressure bleeder
Gunsond EeziBleed pressure bleeder

Visibleed check valve bleeder

Mityvac vacuum/pressure hand pump Motive Products pressure bleeder
Motive Products pressure bleeder

Mityvac vacuum/pressure hand pump

Adeendum October 2009: Or you can Build Your Own Pressure Bleeder, which looks a lot like the one at lower left. The linked article is intended for use with a BMW car, so you would need to substitute an appropriate screw cap for the MG master cylinder.

Addendum April 2010: Jim Ferguson in North Carolina, USA, reports: "I looked around the shop and checked all the caps for fit to the master cylinder. I found that the cap off of an old metal Marvel Mystery Oil can fit perfectly. I put in an air valve, sealed with J_B Weld and put in a cork gasket. Works great with 10psi regulated pressure from my compressor".

Of course this will be limited to fluid volume of the master cylinder reservoir, so you will have to R&R the cap periodically to check and refill.

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