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At 08:35 PM 12/29/05, George Murphy wrote:
>"Have you a suggested tool (or spanner) that can grip the slots to loosen or tighten the nuts that secure the switches and cables to the dash?"

I made my own when I needed one. Panel nut wrench, large end Start with some thin steel strap, like a "Church key" or paint can lid remover. Make a short 90 degree bend at one end. Saw out a notch large enough to clear the male thread. Thin out the finger ends enough to go into the slots.

In these pictures the smaller end works for all the pull knobs on the MGA, and the larger end works for the the ignition switch bezel. I believe this one started life as a hubcap removal tool (small end).
Panel nut wrench, hand made
Panel nut wrench, small end
Dash nut spanner, tube socket
The commercial version of this is likely to look like a tube socket with tangs forged on the end. The closer you get to a production tool the more specialized (and expensive) they get. Bob Nortier of British Tool has a variety of them. See

Dash nut spanner, short tube socket This one was on eBay in late January 2015 for $18 and free shipping. For as long as the link lasts, see ebay item number 201173629005. Keep in mind that not all panel nuts are the same shape. Notice the one above has different sizes on opposite ends.
Dash nut spanner, short tube socket Dash nut spanner, short tube socket Dash nut spanner, short tube socket Dash nut spanner, short tube socket

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