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Dash Knob Removal Tool - TS-213
This suggestion was contributed by Carl Knoll in Felton, Deleware.

This is a tool you can make in 10 minutes that can save a lot of frustration and maybe even stabbing yourself in the hand. Look at the photos to see the final product.

  • Find a cheap pair of pliers (something that drills easily) that has a relatively wide jaw.
  • On the inside curved part of the jaws file or grind down the ridges so the center is smooth.
  • You will need a short metal rod or threaded part of a bolt (cut the head off) that is about 1/8” diameter and about 3/8” long. The selected rod must fit into the dash knob pin holes but shouldn’t be a tight fit.
  • Select a drill bit for a hole that the rod will just fit into.
  • With the pliers in the closed position drill a hole on the edge of the pliers and aligned with the center of the jaws where the ridges were ground. Drill completely through the first side of the pliers and partially into the other side (on the second hole you are drilling on the inside of the pliers jaw). The first hole is just to get to the inside of the inside of the opposite jaw. Don’t drill through the second side. Make the hole deep enough to hold the short rod when inserted but leaving about ¼” protruding into the center of the pliers jaws.
  • Insert the rod into the inner (partially through) hole. Epoxy the rod if desired. To use the tool align the rod with the pin in the knob and close down on the pliers. In most cases this will push the pin without breaking the knob.
  • pin-pusher pliers
    pin-pusher pliers

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