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MGA Aftermarket Hardtops - TT-123C

At 08:01 PM 11/18/05, Chris Dool wrote:
Unknown hardtop, fastback "Looking through some old pictures and came across this. It's a photo dated Mar 1960. My father thinks it is came with some literature he might have requested about hardtops at the time for his 58 roadster. I still have the car and no hardtop. Even though the trunk lid was probably removed it must have been quite a trick to get to the spare tire."

Custom Automotive fastback hardtop At 09:00 AM 11/23/05, Donald H. Dool wrote:
"I bought a 1958 roadster in January of 1959, used with 5998 miles on it. It had the flip up side curtains, which were a machoist's delight. They eventually found their way to the trash and were replaced with sliding panels. The A now belongs to my son, Chris, who has restored it. He recently sent in the photo of the fastback hard top that I regrettably did not purchase. As I remember the supplier/manufacturer was located in Ohio."

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