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MGA Aftermarket Hardtops - TT-123TF

Photos from Jim MacIndoe in San Diego in 2013. Manufacturer unknown at the time.

More photos from an eBay ad in 2014 erroneously claiming it to be a Plasticon hardtop.

On 10/19/2014, Ken Curtis wrote:
"This hardtop is actually made by a company called Thompson Fiberglass of Seattle. I know because I bought the one you note on ebay. The Plasticon reference was an innocent mistake by the seller, because the history file showed that the previous owner had enquired after a Plasticon top in 1959. In fact, what he actually bought was a Thompson top in 1967. The brochure (2 pages) showed that Thompson made tops for, Sprites, Midgets, TR2 + 3 and 4, Spitfire. MGA, Healey six + 3000, MGB, Datsun Fairlady and Alfa Romeo Guilia and Guilietta. Finished in OE White, Black, Flame Red, Spa White, Egg Shell, BR Green and Datsun Red. MGA top cost $189. The Plasticon top cost $149 in 1959 and looks very similar to the factory fibreglass top".

Addendum November 24 2016:
Not exactly sure yet, but this one (below) looks a lot like the one above without the quartet windows. So until shown otherwise, I will call this one also a Thompson Fiberglass hadtop. Photos compliments of David Heye in Algona, Washington, USA.

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