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Making REAR CHANNELS for the Aluminum Hardtop - TT-132

At 10:27 PM 10/16/05, Steve from the Yahoo MGA Hardtop Groop wrote:
>"I went though this process about two years ago ---to include asking the Ohio fabricator to consider making the rear channel. The problem with that is -- you really need a hardtop to fit the channels to! Undoubtedly, the factory used a jig to fabricate these channels, but the only jig now available is a hardtop itself. On Tuesday, I will go back to the supplier of the aluminum tubing that is the basic element used to make these channels, and get the information on the specific type of tubing used. I have some pieces left, but did not keep the invoice on the material itself, therefore, the need to revisit the supplier.

I now wish I had taken photos during the process--but I did not. I will reconstruct the process however, and provide step by step details for all whom might be interested in the next couple of weeks. Basically, this is a process of partially flattening the (soft) aluminum tubing into an oval, then cutting away one side to form the necessary "C". Three sections are cut to length, notched to accommodate the small steel bars that are tapped to accept the two rear clip screws, then bent to the correct horizontal plane radius. The final vertical bends are made on the top itself, followed by securing all with slot head screws in the small holes which you will see in the inside rear of the top. Actually rather complicated, but I can make it much clearer by providing pictures--and I will.

I can't imagine how something like this could be done "for hire" in an affordable way! Like most projects on our cars, it is simply a labor of love (or stupidity).


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