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HEADLINER MATERIAL for the Aluminum Hardtop - TT-131

At 07:14 AM 10/7/05, Mark Harris from the Yahoo MGA Hardtop Groop wrote:
>"I have just been in contact with Cecilia from Scarborough Faire, Pawtucket RI regarding replacment headliner material. She can provide original color ('brown egg shell') material from batch G27. While the color matches that of my headliner, the original "diamond" embossed pattern is absent. She states that the pattern making machinery is no longer available and the design can not be reproduced. [See note at bottom of page].

Please note I have forwarded my original, complete healiner plus side and front pieces, as well as all backing material for her to reproduce.Scarborough Faire will henceforth be able to provide exact reproductions from this pattern. My new headliner should be ready in a month or two. Apparently G27 is also the correct color for the coupe headliner and is in Jonathan Stein's two MGA coupes.

Cecilia forwarded a swatch of Bob West's hardtop headliner material for review. It is a nonmatching white similar to the MGB GT."


If you will be restoring an MGA hardtop, you need to join the "MGA Hartdop Group" for access to all of their experience and existing documentation.

Also see Headliner Material For MGA Coupe.
Material with correct texture is available, but needs to be re-colored. MGA Coupe and MGA factory hardtops use the same headliner material.

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