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MGA Factory Hardtop Parts Sources - TT-130
Hardtop Restoration Information:
  • An article on restoring the MGA aluminum hardtop was posted in MGA! magazine, the NAMGAR publication, Vol.24 #2, November/December 1998. This article is now posted (by permission of NAMGAR) on the web site of the MGA Hardtop Group (Yahoo Groups). You would need to sign up as a member of that Group to view these files.
  • "L" brackets for the side, which attach the top to the metal soft top frame, as well as all associated attachments, plus the rear stainless clips are available from Bob West in Pontefract, northern England. Fax: 01977 602858. E-mail: Such parts may also be available through Jim Alcorn in Belair, California
  • As reported 28 July 05, Bob West now has all parts for the aluminum hard top (not sure about the fiberglass top). Prices noted ate from 2005 time period.
        Rear perspex window alloy top - 150.00
        Head liner kit made up in off white - 110.00
        Head liner three piece wood fillet kit - 30.00
        Pair j bolts and knurled nuts - 35.00
        Fastener kit - 8.00
        J bolt brackets L-shaped pair - 25.00
        Full seal kit includes window - 65.00
  • Angloparts in Belgium has a number of parts for the Vandenplas alloy hardtops that have previously been unobtainable. "Very reasonable cost and excellent reproduction of the original. Very nice to deal with and very helpful." - Kim Tonry
  • Headliner material for the aluminum hardtop is available from Scarborough Faire. See additional notes.
  • Rear channel to which the rear rubber seal attaches might be fabricated using aluminum tubing flattened into a "C" shape, followed by sawing the necessary slot into one side. Soft aluminum bends easily into the correct shape. See additional notes.
  • Rear clips may vary. Apparently the distance from the rear of the hardtop to the body clips varies from car to car and top to top. This might be related to the mounting position of the windscreen, and may be slightly adjustable by realigning the windscreen.
  • Rear window struts for the VP top - Steve Woodyard -
  • Rubber bits are available from MacGregor British Car Parts in the Ontario, Canada. - Front and Rear Rubber Seals, Side Window Seals, Rear Window Strut Seals
  • Rubber rear window seal is available form Metro Molded Parts in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.
  • Rubber bits and rear window are available from Todd O'Dell, 20854th-123 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4B2 - PH: 604-463-1649, FAX: 604-276-9597,
  • Screws are all slotted head screws.

    At 06:26 PM 8/17/05 +0000, Steve Woodyard <> wrote:
    .... Bob West parts .... The "L" brackets were rough, and when compared to the original type (steel/chromed), would be acceptable, but would take some work. The "J" hooks and knurled knobs were excellent, although I did have to re-thread both to allow a good fit. The acorn nut (stainless) that fits on the end can be easily secured from your local hardware store.

    The rear clips were an interesting problem--apparently these tops actually vary in anterior/posterior dimensions .... I had several new sets fabricated, with different dimensions in the "cut-out" portion. Bob West's clips did not fit my top/car at all! Now, I have a good fit.

    I had the rear struts fabricated, using dimension drawings secured from Peter Dubaldi, and those turned out beautifully. The rear channel (three sections) which hold the rear seal .... I fabricated that out of aluminum. That also turned out very well. The rear window, and all rubber parts were secured from Todd O'Dell.

    The problem with the rear clips is the different dimensions between the rear lower edge of the top and the foreword edge of the slot in the hold down. This required dimension can vary by at least 1/2 inch from top to top, so the clips have to be selected to suit.

  • More information and photos for MGA hardtops can be found at:
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