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MGA Aftermarket Hardtop Parts Sources - TT-140

This is a tough subject. If anyone has additional information for this page, do tell.

Parish Plastics:
See Smooth Line.

Perfect Plastics:
See Smooth Line.

Smooth Line: - Web site
Currently selling new Parrish Plastics hardtops.
May also service Perfect Plastics hardtops.
Hardtops available for many classic sports cars, including MGA and MGB.
Web site has a (coming soon) section on "Parts/Options".

SnugTop: - Web site
This company began producing hardtops for sports cars in 1959. They began producing truck caps in 1965. The web site is currently advertising capper tops and accessories for pickup trucks, not much mention of hardtops for sports cars, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if they still support the service parts market.

MacGregor British Car Parts -
Martin MacGregor -- Rear seal for MGA factory aluminum hardtop
Also seal set for MGA Snugtop, and all seals for MGB factory hardtop.

Todd O'Dell -
20854th-123 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4B2
PH: 604-463-1649, FAX: 604-276-9597.
Rear windows and rubber seal for MGA factory alloy hardtop and factory fiberglass top. Should also have the rubber seal for rear of top to car body.

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