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LIFT-THE-DOT TECH - TT-101-9 - (pg 10 of 13)

The turnbutton eyelet for the convertible top is installed similarly to the lift the dot fastener. You pull the fabric tight and position it over the top of the turnbutton and mark the location on the fabric. However, the shell of this device is not as strong as the LTD fastener, so you shouldn't hit it with a hammer. I hold the eyelet in place over the location mark and poke the four slots for the fastener legs through the fabric with the sharp point of an X-Acto knife (careful not to poke your fingers). Then I press the legs of the fastener through the new slots until the barbs are protruding generously from the other side. Maybe this isn't as quick or classy as a quick whack with a hammer, but it gets the job done, and there are only three of these eyelets on the whole car. Forgot? The third one is on the side curtain pouch behind the seats.

Inserting the eyelet for the turnbutton
Inserting the eyelet for the turnbutton
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