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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-16 - (pg 16 of 30)

Turn the new fabric top right side up and lay it over the top frame with the rear edge near the chrome hooks on the back of the body. Here you see that rear edge pocket with the steel strap hidden inside and perched near one of the retaining hooks that will hold it in place on the body. With your fingers, feel where the ends of the steel strap lie within the fabric, and center that strap inside the fabric relative to the location of the stitched seams. Then hook the metal strap into the chrome retainers by positioning the strap behind the retainers, pressing it down against the body, and pushing it forward into the slots.

At that point the rear edge of the top will be flat against the body and the chrome retainers will be hidden below the fabric along with the steel strap. Push the steel bar as far forward as it will go, and then pull forward on the fabric at the sides and at the front to move the fabric as far forward as possible on the steel strap. The object here is to have the steel strap nestled in the very back edge of the fabric pocket so that the fabric will not move farther forward later and lose its tension.

Steel rail hidden in rear edge of rag top
Steel rail hidden in rear edge of rag top
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