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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-17 - (pg 17 of 30)

Here you see the top with the back edge properly attached, with the fabric pulled forward against the metal strap inside, and the steel strap fully seated in the body hooks. You have one more chance here to see if it is centered on the body. Where the retaining hooks are located on the body you will feel the bumps under the fabric. Put your fingers on these bumps and compare the alignment of the rear window and the vertical seams on the left and right to verify that everything is properly centered. If it still needs to be realigned, you may be able to tug on the fabric at one side to move it over a bit. More likely the fabric will not slide over easily, and you will have to unhook at least one end of the steel bar to get it to move over.

This is another one of those times when you shouldn't mind spending a few extra minutes to get it right. Centering the top on the body is crucial to getting the fasteners and windows to line up right when the job is finished. If it's misaligned when you install the fasteners, it will stay that way forever.

Check again to center teh fabric
Checking again to center the fabric
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