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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-25 - (pg 25 of 30)

And now for some pictures of the completed installation for reference of form, fit, and finish, and also some with the side curtains installed.

You may notice here a couple small puckers in the fabric on top. This is a result of the fabric being stretched forward at that point but not being pulled out sideways very much. Also, very small variations in the way the seams are stitched can cause little disturbances like that. When the top is stowed away without tension on the fabric it can shrink a little, especially if it was put away wet. When the car is driven in high wind and turbulence conditions with the top up, the fabric will flap and resonate to some extent, and the fabric will stretch out a bit. This alternating process of shrinking and stretching actually helps to make the fabric conform to the shape of the supporting framework, so that over time those little puckers up top may likely disappear.

Front quarter view, installed top
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