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Starlight 19 trailerHere's another one brought to my attention in late July 2003. At 19 cubic feet the Starlight Deluxe is just 14% smaller than mine, but otherwise similar fiberglass on frame construction with low overall height. Click for manufacturer's web page.

The 14 (standard) is more than 1/3 smaller capacity than mine, and I don't suppose the full size (15" high) ice chest would fit in the 16-1/2"H box with the heavily ribbed top. But the 19 (Deluxe) is fairly close to my 22. Empty weight is the same 150 pounds as mine. No load capacity specified, which is often a problem with motorcycle trailers. Many of those are rated for 200 pounds net load or less, especially with the elastic suspension option. The $930 listed price on the 19 looks reasonable. In 1989 I paid $660 plus the spare tire added on as accessory extra, about $700 total.

This one has a few more accessories than mine, rear bumper, folding tounge stand, hydraulic struts, and spare tire and bracket included. The box is nearly the same width as the narrow bottom portion of mine, but the tires are tucked underneath with some wheel well intrusion into the cargo space, so maybe the ice chest wouldn't sit well against one side. Box height is about the same as mine, but shorter front to back (accounting for the 3 cu.ft smaller volume).

The tounge length is pretty short at 26-1/2". You would probably want to extend that 18" to 24" for use with a car. Mine is 42" long, and add a bit more for the longer box. One problem with the short tounge, even on mine, is backing up around a corner. The short wheelbase trailer can turn much quicker than the car, so you can get into a jacknife situation where you may have to pull forward again to straighten it out before finishing the back up. Still no mention of load capacity. Will have to call for more information and a brochure.

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