The MGA With An Attitude
THE SURVIVAL KIT detailed listing 0- TP-101B

Open toolbox full of tools
  • 3/8" drive socket set, 1/4" to 7/8", with ratchet handle, universal joint, and extensions of 1", 3", 6" and 10".
  • 13/16" spark plug socket.
  • Open end wrenches 5/16" through 9/16"
  • Box end wrenches 5/16" through 9/16" (so you can use two of the same size).
  • Adjustable wrenches, 8" and 4".
  • 8" automatic wrench (like small pipe wrench with spring loaded jaw, good for screw caps on speedo and tach cables in tight places, works rather like a ratcheting pliers with one hand).
  • 6" heavy long nose pliers with 30 degree tips (MOST USED TOOL).
  • 6" long nose Vice Grip
  • Wire stripper and crimper tool.
  • Screwdrivers, medium small and tiny, straight and Phillips tips, and a couple of medium stubby ones for tight places.
  • "Z" shape screwdriver, medium straight and Phillips tips (for when you may need a little extra leverage on stubborn screws).
  • 1/4" nut driver, handy for small hose clamps and for throttle shaft clamps when you tune the carbs. (5/16" size optional for larger hose clamps)
  • Folding Allen wrench, 6 sizes (not much use for MG but may include the following).
  • 5/32" hex Allen wrench (because I use hardened 1/4" fine thread flat head Allen screws for door latch strikers and a few other places where flat heads need to be structurally tight).
  • Thickness gauge set, 20 short blades 0.002" to 0.025"
  • SU jet wrench (short 19/32 open end wrench).
  • Pocket knife with 2 or 3 blades (and keep it sharpened).
  • 12-volt test light, like small awl with wire tail and alligator clip.
  • Spark tester, similar to above but with flat driver tip (blinks when held along side of working spark plug wire).
  • Digital multi-meter, pocket size folding closure style with wires and probes included in the box, about 1" x 2" x 4", $19 at Radio Shack.
  • 8-ft 16-ga jumper wire with alligator clips.
  • Black & Decker Snake Light. This doesn't fit in the box, but is often in the car whether the tools are or not, as it also makes a really good map light for road rallying.
  • Small baggie of tie wraps.
  • Roll of black vinyl tape.
  • Small tube of hand cleaner.
  • Paper towels (may not fit in the tool box).
  • Small baggie of electrical bits, harness tube connectors, wire lugs, butt connectors, fuses, and few light bulbs.
  • Small baggie of mechanical bits, fine thread nuts & bolts, flat & lock washers, including a lug nut, a couple of cotter pins and a few small sheet metal screws, etc.
  • Hose clamps, 1 each of 3/8" (fuel hose), 3/4" (heater hose), and 1-3/4" or 2" (radiator hose).
  • Epoxy plumbers putty. (recent addition to the list)

  • Spare accelerator cable.
  • Rubber grommets for carb float bowl mounting on banjo bolts.
  • Electrical brushes for generator.
  • Points, capacitor and rotor for the distributor.
  • One spark plug.
    (Trust me on these last five items, as most had left me stranded once).

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