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TWIN CAMS from the Production List - TC-107-527

YD1.527- 73GTB

YD1 527

Yet to determine which race this was, as I don't have the book and not sure why Ted Lund switched from 73GTB to SRX210.

Michael Gulliman purchased the car in 1969/70 from Peter Wood who in turn perhaps purchased it from Ted Lund (AKA 627S Le Mans). Michael said the Log Book shows E K Lund Motors of Lancashire as the first owner. Michael has no historical info on the car but knows Peter Woods still has this info. 527 apparently held the lap record for a twin cam at Silverstone in 59 & 60 whilst fitted with a super charger. When Michael purchased it, it was running 2" SU's but now has Webers after he holed a piston twice. It was Ash Green but is now Citron green (close to BRG). 527 became unlicensed in 1990, but Michael plans to restore the car once he retires soon. Michael also has a spare engine (which he is not prepared to part with).

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