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TWIN CAMS from the Production List - TC-107-573

YD1.573 - 1 MTW

Dick Jacob's car much racing history. - currently in GB
(Note: Prior references to registration "1 OSTW" is believed to be an error)

MGA Twin Cam - YD1.573 - 1 MTW

At 06:08 AM 4/9/06, John Fielden in France wrote:
>>"I know a little about this car,   it was severely shunted at Knickerbrook (Oulton Park) by Mike Waterhouse (whom I have known for ever), re-bodied in steel. Bought by David Eva (now deceased) and run in Club Racing for a couple of seasons. Heard that it had been sold to Japan.
>>The reason I looked at your site was that I recently had lunch with Bill de Selincourt who drove one of the Fitzwilliam cars at the Ring 1000 in 1959 and I was curious about which car it was. Regards JSF"

Addendum July 2010:
These photos were recovered from eBay after the Dick Jacobs Auction.





Alan Foster, World Cup Series Race, Snetterton 1960


Brands Hatch

British Empire Trophy 1960



Silverstone 1960

Silverstone 1960

Silverstone 01/10/1960

Snettertom 09/1960

As seen at Silverstone 2005

Photos from Edward Vandyk, October 2013.
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