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AKD1628, Competition Suspension Option - TC-113D


Hand brake adjustment
A separate cable operated parking mechanism is mounted on each of the rear brake calipers, and adjustment should be made in the following manner when the travel of the hand brake lever becomes excessive.
Raise the rear of the car, making certain that the front wheels are suitably blocked to prevent the car running forward, and remove both rear wheels. The hand brake lever should be in the fully off position whilst the adjustments are made.

The brake cable adjuster nut
fitted to the hand brake relay

The hand brake caliper
adjuster bolt fitted on both
the rear wheel disc brakes

Slacken the brass adjuster nut fitted to the relay lever (located beside the front universal joint on the propeller shaft) so that theh operating cable hangs loosely.
Tighten the adjuster bolt on each brake caliper until the pads ‘nip’ the brakedisc. Screw up the brass adjuster nut on the relay lever until teh cable is intension.
Set the clearance between the pads and the brake disc by unscrewing eachadjuster bolt until the discs rotate freely. This wll require approximately one-thirdof a turn.

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