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AKD1628, Competition Suspension Option - TC-113E


Removing and replacing the wheels
Use the copper mallet provided in the tool kit to slacken the winged hub nut used to secure the wheel to its splined shaft. The hub nuts on the left-hand side of the car have right-hand threads (turn anti-clockwise to unscrew) and the nuts on the right-hand side of the car have left-hand threads (turn clockwise to unscrew).

Turn the winged hub nuts
clockwise to unscrew on
the right-hand side of the
car and anti-clockwise on
the left-hand side

Each road wheel drives on four large pegs which locate in four holes in the face of each wheel hub. Make certain that these pegs register correctly in the holes before tightening the winged hub nuts. If the wheel is fitted correctly the nut should screw up approximately six turns.
A right-hand front wheel is shown in the illustration.

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