The MGA With An Attitude
AKD1628, Competition Suspension Option - TC-113F

EVERY 1,000 MILES (1600 kM.)
Brake and clutch fluid
Remove the brake and clutch master cylinder caps and check the level of the fluid in each cylinder
The master cylinders are mounted on the driverís side of the dash panel below the bonnet, and the fluid level should be 1/4 in. (6.3mm.) below the bottom of the filler neck and never above this.
Wakefield Crimson Fluid is recommended for use in the brake master cylinder and Girling Fluid in the clutch cylinder. If these fluids are not available a fluid conforming to Specifications S. A. E. 70.R1 should be used.

The brake master cylinder
(arrowed 1) and the clutch
master cylinder (arrowed 2)

After removing the winged
hub nut the grease-retaining
cap may be withdrawn

EVERY 6,000 MILES (9600 kM.)
Front wheel hubs (F)
Unscrew the front wheel retaining nuts with the copper hammer provided inthe tool kit and withdraw the grease-retaining caps. Pack the hubs with grease to Ref. F (page 64 of Drivers Handbook) and replace.

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