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AIR DUCT HOSES for the Twin Cam - TC-115

On 7/27/2010, Steve Clarke wrote:
>>"The organ hose works and looks great. This is the hose for the two front pieces behind the grill. The upper hose (heater to front bulkhead) is a heavier hose. I got mine from Jim Alcorn and it is perfect. I suspect it is because the upper hose sits on top of so much heat that it needs to be a bit heavier. The paper hoses available from the usual suppliers simply won't work without crushing the hose. Since the radiator mounting was moved forward, it's almost impossible. The organ hose is perfect for this. I've taken pictures of each".

On7/28/2010, Steve Clarke wrote:
>>"This tubing issue took up a lot of time. It was frustrating to say the least. We tried several options, and ruined some of the paper tubing in the process, but ended up with something that is actually functional and looks correct.
>>First picture below far left, this is the tubing that is commercially available through the usual sources. I suppose it may work fine on pushrod cars where the radiator mounts farther back, but it is virtually impossible on the twin cam without crushing it.

>>Two hoses, commercially available type on left (black paper over thin corrugated alumunum), the organ tubing on right (black vinyl over PVC spiral band).
>>Organ piping in place. This ended up being a very nice fit and it looks right. (The left mounting strap was not bolted down, so it is out of place).

>>This is about as much of the tubing as you can reasonably expect to get onto the steel tube going out to the grill.

>>Upper hose supplied by Jim Alcorn. Note that this hose is substantially heavier than the "organ" hose.

>>Compare this to Clausager's photos of the red Twin Cam. It looks identical and not flimsy [like picture at right]. This is probably as close to original as you'll find. Again, Jim Alcorn has this tubing.

>>This is tubing on a friends Twin Cam coupe. It is not correct, too flimsy and light. [Looks like home clothers dryer exhaust hose].

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