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WATER HOSE, Radiator to Water Pump - MGA Twin Cam - TC-305H1

On 1/2/2015, John Barrett wrote (on the MGA Twin Cam Entbusiasts Group):
"I tried fitting a bottom radiator hose to my Twin Cam. I had an original Unipart hose which I thought, (wrongly), would be a good start. I struggled for 6 hours. After about 4 hours I decided (wrongly) that cuttting a bit off each end of the hose would help. It didn’t. It became progressively shorter until it was too short. After the 6 hours the brusing and loose of blood were becoming significant factors to my failure.
MGA Twin Cam lower raditor hose
A quick phone call to Moss (Bradford, UK), and a new one was on its way. Now we all know about Moss, everything is nearly as it should be but not quite. This was true for the bottom hose GRH357 too! It looked like the original Unipart item but it was SOFTER and more PLIABLE, yes it was BETTER than the Unipart hose. For once Moss has got it right. The hose came with a sticker on it saying ” "Hand made in England". 30 minutes it took to get the hose in place, full length no cutting!!!! Am I happy with Moss? Well just now YES!!!!

Some points to be mentioned...
  • 1 -- I put the bottom hose on the engine first, and clamped it in place with the hose clamp.
  • 2 -- I lubricated the hose(s) with the white paste they use in the tyre shops when putting tyres on wheels.
  • 3 -- The dynamo was in situ.
  • 4 -- I have two good size cut away extra panels on each side, for the distributor and the dynamo bottom bolt. BOTH of these are a great help when putting in the radiator bolts. The one on the rhs could have been even bigger and would help even more getting on the hose. This rhs loose panel could go to within 1 cm of the rhs radiator bracket.
  • 5 -- Tape the two 4” air tubes with a thick insulation tape to avoid scraping off your new paint.
  • 6 -- On the lhs of the radiator cutting away the surplus flange above the top captive nut give more room to move the radiator about, specifically to be able to rotate it anticlockwise to drop the rhs to lower than it should be so the radiator hose effectively pushes itself on.
  • 7 -- The original Unipart hose was just too stiff.
  • Well it worked for me, this time, if it works next time is something else! And to prove it a picture". -- John Barrett
    MGA Twin Cam lower raditor hose

    On 1/2/2015, Steve Woodyard " A few years ago, at the "Twin Cam" gathering in Seven Springs, PA, I gave you a DVD disc, showing modifications made to the Sebring car. One of those photos shows that 3-4 centimeters of sheet metal were removed from the rear end of the radiator duct panel which guides the air into the radiator. A separate section of sheet metal was then secured to the panel with small nuts and bolts to restore the flow integrity, actually making the air flow more "air tight" around the radiator. Besides being a very neat and tidy installation, it makes removal and replacement of the radiator much easier, and gives enough room to allow fairly easy replacement of that bottom radiator hose, when necessary".

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