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1800cc - 1950cc Twin Cam Engine - TC-321

At 03:48 PM 3/22/06, Paul Meersman in Belgium wrote:
>I have just finish with rebuild two early MGB short blocks for use with a Twin Cam head. Crankshaft with a longer nose (like you describe). Modify the front of the block and also the head studs and cooling holes. Many holes block off with studs and bore the new like the twin cam. The block looks like a Twin Cam block. It is a big job but it runs great.

At 03:23 AM 3/23/06, Paul Meersman wrote:
>The block is re-bore to 1950 CC. For rebuild the short block it is not so difficult. For the front side I used the front plate of the twin cam as template. Some holes are the same and used for lock with bolts. Then the other holes are easy to bore and tap.
>For the head, one row studs are in the same place but smaller (3/8"). Make the holes bigger (9.5mm bore) and tap with the 7/16" tread for the twin cam studs. Install the studs and bolt the twin cam head on the block. Then you can easily find the right place for the other row of studs. I use a bore bush for the right center for the studs and a long tool for reaching. (I have photos of the tools). The only other thing to do is bore four holes (6mm) for the water channels in the block. I used a head gasket for find the right places. Before you bore these holes block off the old stud holes from the MGB head.
>For the back plate I make in Alloy (template MGA) and use a MGB seal on the crankshaft.
>You can let any machine shop do the work. It takes me about 15 hours, and thinking after the first one probably 12 hours. In Belgium this cost about 500 Euros. I am not a professional, just a metal worker with the MG hobby, so I can't can help the other people, but only give information.
>Paul Meersman

There, you see folks? It can and has been done, a few times. With an 1800 block and crankshaft installed, anyone thinking Two Liter Twin Cam?

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