The MGA With An Attitude

MG ZA and ZB Magnette MG ZA Magnette With the MG ZA first appearing under the MG name in 1954, more than a year before the MGA, it's sometimes hard to argue which is a variant of which. The ZA carried the then new B-series engine with 60 bhp, and is the first M.G. built onto a unitary "monocoque" body. In fact the MGA still had body on frame construction until advent of the MGB in 1962. Power increased to 68bhp in July 1956. September 1957 saw introduction of the ZB model, also available in a ZB Varitone with wrap around rear window and available two tone paint. Automatic gearbox and Manumatic clutch both fizzled. Otherwise the entire drivetrain was basically similar to the MGA, which is why MGA enthusiasts see the MG Z-type Magnette as bring a variant of the MGA. Production ended in December 1958 after 36,601 units were produced, which was the largest selling MG model to that date. Learn more about the ZA and ZB Magnettes at

MG Series MGB MGB MK-I Yes, this is a little tounge in cheek, but possible with the proper point of view. Start with the MGA model, then give it a change of styling and unibody construction, and throw in roll up windows (like the MGA Coupe). Include slightly larger displacement in the engine and some minor changes to the suspension, and you have a nice variant of the MGA. In essence the entire drivetrain and suspension setup of the MGB is very similar to the MGA with most of those parts being interchangeable.

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