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MG Awan - all opinions welcome

Beware that MG Awan is an acronym for "MGA Without A Name", as this one is so far unknown. With frst glance at the pictures opinions range from "quaint" to "ugly", and then it gets worse, but maybe not so ugly once you consider that form follows function. Anyone with an opinion is welcome to comment.

March 21, 2006. Would anyone with any information about this body model, please step forward. It is "suspected" of being on an MGA chassis, but not yet verified. It has all steel body, not fiberglass, and no aluminum panels. More information when available.

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This was all jolly good fun for abot a week. Not kowing for sure if it was MGA or not, guesses were all over the place, like:

Saab Sonnet derivitive.
Recycled three wheel kit car.
Opel GT wannabe.
Are you sure that it's British?
Some kind or Fiat Abarth.
Too ugly to have been made in Italy.
Reliant Sabre / Autocars Sabra Sport (Israel's only sportscar!).
A LaDawri or a Devin special.
This car looks very familiar - have to check my reference books
Ask Burt Levy.

I did ask Burt Levy, and he said, "No clue, but thank goodness they didn't build two! I see elements of Saab Sonnet, Sabra and Fairthorpe Electron, but I know at least the first two were fiberglass and the last had English Ford power. Maybe it came from the Eastern Block (it does have a bit of a Bulgarian look to it)." - Burt

Some variant of a Diva.
Resemblance to the "Caribean" (UK 1980's).
Marcos or Rochdale -
Awkward-looking roofline. I can't believe the Italians would let that thing out the door.
Rear window looks like it came from an Alfa.
Prototype Bricklin.

Okay, enough of the guessing game. I now have more pictures of the chassis and interior which light the ugly truth in detail. It is an MGA, or at least it was once. Here's hoping you're all sitting down and haven't eaten anything recently. Turn page for more pictures and the naked truth. Next

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