The MGA With An Attitude
Monster COBRA-JET-MGA - VT-109CJ

Cobra Jet engine in MGA Coupe
I suppose if you stare at this one long enough, it may begin to soak in. My first reaction was, "Oh, crap"!. But after a while I began to think it follows a certain philosophy to make a certain statement, and it is fairly well executed. But with 600 HP it is still a Monster MGA. (Details at bottom of page).
After the walk round beauty shots, the front suspension was a bit of a retro shock. And perhaps we need to amputate the passengers' legs half way between knee and ankle? (No foot wells).
Kind of slick running the tail pipes outboard of the leaf springs.
I could make a long list of desired improvements for the header pipes and collector box.
Okay, so you sit farther back with your feet flat on the floor and knees up under the steering wheel.
Nice large speakers on the parcel shelf, right behind your head (where you might be able to hear it).
"Rambler" AM radio for the vintage look, plus a slightly more modern digital radio with cassette tape player. No floor in the boot, battery in back, no spare tire. So the pit crew follows in another vehicle.
This one was for sale in January 2017. For as long as the page may be available, see Hemmings. Perhaps this page may help with publicity to promote the sale or future value of the car. The short of it is, Ford 428 Cobra Super Jet V8 with Tri-Power carburetion, Ford C6 3-speed automatic transmission, Ford 3.83 rear. About 600 HP in a 2200 pound car. Depending on tire size, about 115-120 mph at 6000 rpm (before you blow up the engine from over speed).

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