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MONSTER MGA Cars (or Trucks) - VT-109
Appearances can be deceiving

This is mostly for fun. It started as a single page, then got a little out of hand. With over 100,000 MGA built, there are inevitably many modified in many forms. This bunch is loosely defined as an MGA body being placed on a non-MG chasses (no MGA frame), similar to Monster Truck. Take it with a grain of salt. I have long since gotten past asking who dreams this stuff up.

Chevelle-MGA Chevelle chassis Mostly Chevrolet, not much MGA. More details.

Cobra-Jet-MGA 600 HP (if you can hang onto it). More details.

Jeep-MGA Jeep chassis with MGA body 1978 Jeep CJ5, I presume. More details.

Nissan-MGA Nissan truck with MGA body Nissan Truck with MGA body. More details.

Ranger-MGA Ford Ranger chassis with MGA body Ford Ranger chassis with MGA body. More details.

Redneck Gokart-MGA Redneck Gokart MGA An old car (MGA) frame, some tired iron, a few belts and pulleys and away we go. More details.

Wheelhorse-MGA Wheelhorse tractor with MGA body Garden tractor underpinnings. More details.

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