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MGA Police Cars - VT-110-LMM
Lakeland Motor Museum

MGA police front quarter
MGA police car at Lakeland Motor Museum in UK, October 2011.

MGA police car
MGA police car at Lakeland Motor Museum in UK, 1997(+/-).
MGA police car dash
From left to right the knobs read "Flash", "Stop", "Rear", and "Front". They
controlled operation of the lighted "Police" signs on the front and rear of the car.
MGA police car engine bay

This photo was supplied by Mark Cox in San Carlos, Califonia, USA, on 23Jul2016. It shows white engine bay, implying that the car was originally white and later resprayed back on the outside only. As far as I know, no one has ever checked the Heritage information to verify original color of this car. Story is that beat bobbys/coppers had the black MGA's but the sergeants and above had white cars. So this may well have been a white police car originally but re-sprayed black to look cooler and more like what us Brits would expect a police car to look like patrolling the streets. Or possibly if the supervisor got a new car the old one might be resprayed back to be passed on to a beat cop.

Uprated dynamo for a police car was the C45PV6 unit, 25 amps at maximum output. Photos compliments of Giovanni Delicio in Obrigheim, Rheinpfalz, Germany.
MGA police car engine bay MGA police car engine bay

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