The MGA With An Attitude
MGA Police Cars - VT-110-LAN-983FTJ
Lancashire police district
David J Cooper

1958 MGA Roadster
Chassis: HAD/13/55654
Original Engine: 16GB/U/H/45898Current Engine: RJ21535 8G219FA
Body: 66137  
Original Color: Black Current Color: Black
Original Trim: Red Current Trim: Grey
Original Reg: 983FTJ Current Reg: UTF558
Country of first Reg: UK Date Acquired: 11 DEC 1965
Current Owner: David J Cooper
Previous Owners:
Original Owner: Lancashire Constabulary County Police Office. Hutton Preston
Second Owner: David Macadam Heartgrave Simpson, Drayton Basset, Staffs
History of Car:
    Used for two years after purchase.
    Stored while working in India.
    Shipped to Australia 1981.
    Fully restored over four years from 2003-2007
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