The MGA With An Attitude
MGA Police Cars - VT-110-LAN-982FTJ
Lancashire police district - Sergeant Ellison

982FTJ Photo is compliments of Helen Heaton in Lancashire, UK. This is Helen's grandfather proudly standing by his MGA police car in 1960. He was a sergeant in Rossendale, Lancs, and later went on to be a police driving instructor.

1958 MGA Roadster
Chassis: HDA/13/55655
Build date: September 9, 1958
Original Color: Black/red/red hood
Original Trim: Red
Original Reg: 982FTJ
Country of first Reg: UK
Original Owner: Lancashire Constabulary County Police Office, Sergeant Ellison
Current Owner: (unknown)

According to DVLA, the date of liability - when it was last taxed/licensed - is 01/04/1985

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