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Minilite Style machined for Peg Drive

For the MGA Twin Cam and "Deluxe" cars you will have a big problem finding alternate wheels. The first picture below is a standard Twin Cam or "Deluxe" wheel. It does have a knockoff center mount, but it is not splined. It has a pin drive configuration, common to some Jaguar cars of the period. Where a bolt-on wheel would have four threaded studs in the axle hub, this one has four holes in the hub, and alignment-drive pins in the wheel (straight pins with tapered nose for quick fitment). Being such a special wheel, and having such limited application, it is VERY hard to find any substitute wheel.
standard wheel for Twin Cam or Deluxe modified wheel center adapter modified wheel for Twin Cam or Deluxe
The center picture (from the UML Summer Party Reunion in August 2004) shows a special adaptation of a Compomotive wheel for a Twin Cam hub. The last picture is a close up of the center adapter. Here the wheel was machined in the center to accept a specially machined steel insert which duplicates the mounting configuration of the Twin Cam or "Deluxe" wheel. As far as I know, this is a one of a kind special built set of wheels, and you can't buy them at any price. But it was a jolly good show to make these things for a special need in racing.

Special adapted wheels on MGA Twin Cam race car
MGA Twin Cam with special wheels, belongs to Jim Holody from Canada.
For more on this car see Twin Cam YD3.964.

Addendum, December 18, 2016:
More photos of the same Compomotive wheels, 15-in x 5-1/2-in wide, up for sale now by Ralph Zbarsky in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For as long as it may last, see,2055227,2055227,page=1#msg-2055227
modified wheel for Twin Cam or Deluxe modified wheel for Twin Cam or Deluxe

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