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MGA Windscreen glass - FUGIAN GLASS/Lamisafety - WT-103FJ

Another glass source, down under this time:
On 23 April 2009, Neil Ferguson, Victoria, Australia wrote:
Just dug out my invoice from National Glass and info as follows...
Code LY1429... description 'MGA Sports FCW14 soft top price A$113.64'.
They had a few on their shelf at the time.
I bought it from their warehouse at following address..
20-24 Redwood Drive, Dingley, Vic 3172 Ph-0395580600, Fax 0395580766 on 16/04/07.

Here is the screen identifier (centre bottom)
M858 ASI
 EI 43R-001563 
<---(my interpretation of a symbol)
      FJ = "Fujian Glass" (China)

It went in easily using the softer thinner spongier seal surround (Moss part no 280-745), but do insert a peice of thicker rubber in the bottom of frame between the corner brackets as glass bottom corners were not relieved ). Glass is slightly tinted, laminated. Had the glass in for a few months now and no problems, looseness etc etc... an excellent fit and very pleased.

I was charged about $300 for the previous thin cr....y glass, and this latter rubbish is still around, or was in 2007 as I phoned up many specialists (made in NZ I think).

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