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The road to Eagle

July 5 - To put it in the proper perspective, we drove that 65 miles in about two hours, without seeing another vehicle the whole distance. There are mountains and valleys galore, and hardly a straight stretch of road anywhere. But you do have to be careful on the one-lane sections and watch out for the rock slides. This a view over the edge, as usual with no guard rails.

Once in Eagle (population 139), we take the scenic (and traditional) midnight tour around town, then drive through the airport (grass and dirt runway) to get to the campground where we pitch the tent at 1 am. At this point we are less than 10 miles from Canada. Dawson City is less than 90 miles the way the crow flies, about 45 minutes by light plane. Some people might think that beats a four hour drive.

In the morning we enjoy breakfast and a nice chat with the locals at the Riverfront Cafe. Also a good time to gas up the car again before we have to start paying those hefty prices for Canadian fuel. As far out of the way as this place is, the fuel prices here are still cheaper than those in Canada.

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