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Top of the World

Top of the World Highway

July 6 - Time to stop and smell the flowers one last time before leaving Alaska.

The Top of the World Highway is aptly named. Not only is it pretty far north, but it also runs generally along the tops of mountain ridges where the view is just beautiful. This is the road that was washed out and impassable on the 13th of June (that was Friday the 13th by the way). For weeks people have been telling us to stay away from this road, that we could never get the MGA through here, that we would be risking our lives to drive here.

By now we have learned that nearly all roads are passable with the MG, and the worse people make it out to be the more fun it is to drive. We have encountered far worse roads in the last month. But all that bad press is great, scares a lot people away so we mostly have the road to ourselves. We had no idea where the road may have been washed out before, it all looked pretty good on this trip. Only in a couple of places did we encounter construction crews leveling and adding gravel, and only one delay of about 15 minutes.

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