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Rear badge bar
This rear badge bar looks easy enough to make yourself, being a bent tube with flattened ends and a few holes drilled through. The greatest expense might be the chrome plating. For my view it gives a clunky and heavy appearance to the rear end of an otherwise light sports car, but to each his own.

I now have two cases of cars with the rear overrider bars. The Twin Cam car below currently belongs to Frank Grahm (noted for restoring the Twin Cam Called Ratty).
Rear badge bar

Thanks to quick spotting by David Walter in Bloomington, Indiana, we have this period sales brochure, listed on eBay in September 2009. The parts were manufactered by S.H. Arnolt, Inc. in Warsaw, IN. The brochure was produced by Arnolt MG Accessories, Chicago, Illinois.

Stanley H. "Wacky" Arnolt produced some limited prodction cars with British mechanicals, Italian bodywork, sometimes some final assembly or bodywork in America, and American distribution. MG enthusiasts may be interested in the Arnolt-MG, a four seater Bertone bodied car based on the MG TD chassis and XPAG 54hp engine.

  Aftermarket front and rear badge bars

These found on a Twin Cam in Pelham Alabama February 2016.
Arnolt front and rear badge bars Arnolt front and rear badge bars
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