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HOOTERS (Horns) For All Occasions - AT-165

Since nearly all horns are electric these days, there are articles in the Electrical section all about installation and maintenance of standard horns, and electrical wiring modifications for installing odd aftermarket horns. So this page is more for introducing some options for non-original (aftermarket) horns.

The MGA was originally standard with one low-note Windtone horn mounted on the inboard side of the front frame extension below the body air pan. It was pleasant sounding and generally adequate in years past. There was also a factory (and dealer) optional high note Windtone horn to mount opposite the first one. Together these two horns are LOUD and sound more like a truck, real attention getters when the need may arise. The only reason not to use the original type horns would be cost and long term maintenance, especially if the original ones may ultimately fail and need to be replaced.

If you just need working and legal horns on the cheap you can buy electric horns for about $25 for a pair. You may not like the sound, but it gets you on down the road.

One of my favorites is chrome plated dual trumpet air horns with instant on compressor. The individual horns are fairly small and can mount anywhere you find space. The compressor is not particularly large, but may require a bit of finesse to find appropriate space. Compressor connects to the horns with plastic hose and a "Y" fitting, and it gets the standard two wires (and sometimes a relay for higher power).

For loud and ease of installation you can get a one-piece electric air horn with the compressor motor and horn all on one unit. These are made for motorcycles, so are quite small.

For the cute factor you can get the Road Runner horn, punch it twice and it sounds like the Saturday morning cartoon, Beep-Beep, Vroooom! Not recommended as the sole means of support, but okay if the original Dual Windtone horns are the primary sound (and put the beep-beep on a separate button).

For window shopping you can go to J.C.Whitney and chose from about 60 different horns including bull horn, ooogah, big truck, train, musical, electric or air power. For MGA think 1950's, and tie a fox tail on the antenna while you're at it.

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