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The MG Series MGA Service Parts List (1500)
First Edition, printing June 1956

Service Parts List 1500, 1st eition

Here the Service Parts List for MGA 1500, first edition, printed in June 1956. This was brought to light by a search for a part number for the early 1500 type flatter pannel bonnet. That part number is AFH1525 - Panel assembly - bonnet lid. The bonnet was changed to higher crown with advent of the Twin Cam model in 1958, new bonnet part number AFH4880. At that time (June 1958) the Twin Cam parts list, book number AKD599, was produced as an addendum to the 1500 SPL. It was showing the new Twin Cam part numbers, but no Twin Cam illustrations. AKD599 had an additional printing in December 1958 (still with no illustrations). Shortly thereafter a new SPL for the Twin Cam model was produced in place of the 1500 SPL suppliment. Later printings of all SPL's for all models of MGA seem to have lost the part number for the early flatter bonnet.

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