The MGA With An Attitude
Why People Buy An MGA -- BUY-100C

Someone asked, and I was about to write a magazine article, but in fact it isn't all that complex or mysterious.

  • They are cute. - Classic styling.
  • Fast enough to drive on modern expressways.
  • Good handling characteristics.
  • Low insurance rates.
  • Reasonably comfortable interior and ride quality (for a sports car).
  • Last of the great side curtain roadsters (before touring cars).
  • Large enough production quantity, so anyone can have one.
  • Good supply of service and restoration parts.
  • Still generally affordable.
  • Still rising in market value.
  • Relatively easy to restore.
  • Very easy to maintain and economical to operate.
  • Generally reliable (once you figure out how to handle snap connectors).

  • Some people have other tastes.
  • It is not a minivan.
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