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Sources for Used MG Parts - CF-107

I get this question a lot, "Do you have xxxx used part, or where can I find one?" Well, I am neither a vendor nor broker, so I do not regularly keep tabs on such things. I have enough to do without getting into the use parts business. Any efforts in that direction come at great expense by way of a debt of personal favor. But I can drop a few hints.

Keep an eye on eBay. Check the swap meets. Ask your local Brit car club members. When I need an odd spare used part, my first thought is to scan our local MG club membership list and make a few inquires to see if someone nearby has a spare for my needs. I might know enough people to find such a part when in a bind, but it usually takes some time to make calls or swap e-mail to make the inquires. The more local club people you know the easier it gets.

Refer to the Monster list here: (not found 2/14/15)

Each year on the last Sunday in February March we have a large all-British swap meet here (west of Chicago) with about 100 vendors and up to 900 shoppers. You may find damn near anything for an MG at this event. Too bad it only happens once a year, so we need a little timely planning. See here:

MGA stuff in eBay Motors
MGB stuff in eBay Motors

Jason Klemm, Klemm Enterprises, Inc.,
508 W. Dolph St., Yorkville, IL 60560
(Home) - 813 Teri Circle, Yorkville, IL 60560 - Phone: (630) 251-0342
He sells MGA parts on eBay under the screen name Abingdonboy. He has been liquidating about 3 parts cars worth of MGA parts, and has some other British car parts as well.

Midtown Auto
- For your new & recycled British Car parts needs
212 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13203-2235 - ph: 315-422-2187 - fax: 315-476-9421

Mostly British - used and refurbished parts for British cars
12101 NYS Rte 12E, PO Box 438, Chaumont, NY 13622
Fred Petroske - ph: 315.649.2861 - fax: 315.649.4100

Sports Car Salvage, Ltd
- British car used parts by the tons and acres.
13924 Lucia Riverbend Hwy, Mt Holly, NC - Ph: 704-827-7521

eBay - gbslagle,   Seller parts listing
Scott's Automotive Salvage Yard - scrap yard with many British cars
2815 Leonard Rd, Bryan, TX - Ph: 979-755-2398
Mike Buonanduci, Bit of Britain
1693 Goose Green Rd, Bradford VT
ph: 802-439-5815
On a back-of-beyond road in Vermont are a couple of barns loaded to the rafters with vintage British sports car parts (as well as an amazing collection of cars). A room filled to the brim with Lucas electronic components shared by MGAs -- all unused in their dusty 1950s-1960s boxes. Even his electropneumatic trafficators looked to be fresh. A box of still-packaged Mowog and BMC spares -- maybe enough to rebuild several engines -- and even boxes of original fasteners waiting for concourse-bound cars. Huge heaps of starters, generators, SU fuel pumps, carbs, and on and on. This is a place to hunt for original -- although not necessarily unused -- parts. No contemporary replicas here.

British Sports Car Center
- large all British parts yard
Some refurbished parts as well.
Chris Mills - Green Bay, WI area
British Car Parts - eBay and internet sales
Web site:
E-mail: "Ed Coyle"
Message phone: (920) 644-3898
Tell them sent you, and ask for a 10% discount (but not through eBay).

On 17 March 2013, Dominic Clancy in Switzerland wrote:
As a long shot I would try LAWRENZ in Bavaria, details under (His site says he is closed for business at the moment). He has barns full of MGAs so may have what you need (if he responds). As fas as I know he does speak english".

If you are having trouble finding a new part, get a copy of the original Service Parts List and look up the original factory part number. Put that in an internet search engine, and you are likely to find what you need. I recently found the retaining springs for the MGAclutch release plate through a Metropolitan parts supplier.

Suggestions for additional sources of used MG parts welcome.

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