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When installing the rubber boot for the clutch release lever, you quickly discover that the small hole in the boot that seals around the shank of the lever is quite small. The rubber part must then be stretched a lot to pass over the larger square end of the release lever. My first recommendation is to grind away the sharp corners on the release lever to make the clevis end smaller and closer to round. It may also help to warm the rubber part in hot water. Then lubricate the rubber with water and dish soap solution, and you should be able to press it into place.
Clutch boot installation tool
On 9/21/2017, Peter Ratcliffe in Lancashire, UK wrote:
"I almost gave up on installing a new clutch release lever rubber boot. I fashioned the pictured piece of wood to match the dimensions of the release lever at one end, tapered down to a point. I was then easily able to slide the rubber up the wood with the wood held in the vice, then offer it up to the car and in seconds it was on the lever. As suggested I heated the rubber, by placing it in boiling water, and all was well lubricated with liquid soap. If I was making it again I would make it longer, about 6 inches, so as to be able to grip it more easily when pushing the rubber of the wood onto the lever".

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