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On 3/30/2017, Stephen Ross wrote:
"I could show a worn ring gear as is pictured here but mine was nearly identical. I didn't have the backyard BBQ, but I did use the same idea, with good success. I had a charcoal BBQ just larger in diameter to the ring gear, handy for sure (since I've long since gone to a gas grill for outdoor cooking). I have an infrared surface thermometer and was monitoring the temperature as I went along, reasonably cheap at your local hardware store. After several failed attempts to heat and fit the gear, I realized i needed a hotter fire, so I drug my air compressor over to the grill and gave the coals plenty of combustion air, never putting the cover over the grill, from about 2 ft. out, and did it get hot!!! Around 600 deg! So as it turns out I would recommend not trying the fit until you feel confident of this fairly high temperature. When I got in the temperature range the gear dropped on with no persuasion whatsoever! I quenched the gear around the perimeter with motor oil, hoping my long effort did not weaken the gear. Makes a good day"! -- Steve Ross

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