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WINDSCREEN INSTALLATION Front & Rear, Coupe #2 - CP-103A

On 12/12/2012, Brad Dryden in Marietta, Georgis wrote:
"With the task of installing the three windowed rear glass, I carefully reviewed and attempted to install according to Gordon Harrison's recommendation of installing the two outer side pieces of glass first on the car and the center glass next. This did not work at all as I could not get the center glass into the rubber seal. Instead, I installed all three pieces on the bench and then presented it to the car. With a helper, we were able to quickly install using the old rope trick and plastic pry to get the seal over the edge. This worked very well".

On 7/1/2015, Harold Panel IN Wake Forest, NC wrote:
"Be aware that the contoured center glass has an up side and down side and will not install if reversed. I also installed the side glass and then the center glass into the seal and then presented the entire windscreen onto the coupe the same as the front windscreen. This worked great".

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