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PARCEL SHELF for the MGA Coupe - CP-125

Behind the seats the Coupe has a full width parcel shelf extending forward from the back of the roof line. The 1500 model has the spare tire protruding forward through the rear bulkhead similar to the roadster, where the 1600 model carries the spare completely aft of the rear bulkhead. The parcel shelf is wide on the 1500, approaching close to the back of the seats, almost like the steel body tonneau on the roadster. The 1600 model has a narrower parcel shelf positioned slightly higher near the center rear window. This arrangement makes for more useable and more easily accessible luggage space in the rear cockpit area of the 1600.
MGA 1500 Coupe parcel shelf
1500 type -- The exposed wood here
was originally covered with white vinyl.
MGA 1600 Coupe parcel shelf
1600 type -- Correct vinyl cover matching interior trim color.
The parcel shelf sits on a light metal framework of C-channel along the front, and a thin metal plate at the back. Structure of the shelf was thin plywood or particle board, similar to interior door panels, with solid wood facing bar. The entire assembly was covered with vinyl fabric with no exposed wood. The front rail would have been white on the 1500, contrasting with the interior trim color, while on the 1600 it would have been matching the color of the interior trim.

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