The MGA With An Attitude
Dash Mounting Hardware for MGA -- DT-142

This page is posted due to some confusion caused by errors in the Service Parts Lists for quantity and position of parts.

Item  Part No  Qty  Description
  3   AFH1712   2   Support angle assembly R/H
  4   AFH1713   2   Support angle assembly L/H

  5   PPZ0308   8   Screw - support angle (pan hd pointed zinc #10-32x1/2)
        PMZ0308     (change of part no. mid 1600) (pan hd zinc #10-32x1/2)
  7   LWZ203    8   Washer - spring (lock washer zinc #10 medium section)
  9   PWZ203    8   Washer - plain (plain washer zinc #10 large OD)

  6   AFH2587   3  Screw - dash to body (Hex hd pointed #10-32x1/2>
  7   LWZ203    3  Washer - spring (lock washer zinc #10 med section)
  8   PWZ204    3  Washer (plain washer zinc 1/4 large OD)
Item 8 is a larger washer, because the top holes in the dash mounts are bigger to allow for large assembly tolerances.

When a Heater is installed the screws in rear end of the center dash braces are replaced by the heater control mounting hardware, as shown in HR-104.
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