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RUBBER REAR SEAL for Three Main Bearing Engine - CS-202G
VIDEO INSTALLATION of Rear Seal by "Wheeler Dealers"

The rear seal installation is in 5 steps spanning 5 web pages.
Click green arrow at bottom to follow pages in sequence.
    A - Modify rear plate
    B - Machine slip ring
    C - Modify Viton seal
    D - Modify bearing cap
    E - Assembly
    F - Can I buy it?
    G - Video Installation - (this page)
    H - Follow-up notes

Wheeler Dealers restores an MGA, including
10 minutes of video on installation of the rubber real seal.
Wheeler Dealers
Sealing around bolt heads Sealing around bolt heads Sealing around bolt heads

YouTube 40:38 - (800-MB mp4 video) - HD optimum viewing screen size -1280x720 pixels 0:54-1:42 -- Gerry Geraci's Twin Cam 15:32-18:02 -- Main bearings and rear scroll seal 18:03-20:17 -- Rear scroll seal introduction 20:18-21:35 -- MGAguru rear seal machining 23:53-27:26 -- MGAguru rubber seal installation

The video was a series of short clips (preview) from a Wheeler Dealers TV Episode on restoration and resale of an MGA.

Or the longer version as shown in TV in September 2015:
YouTube 55:15 -

YouTube has removed the videos, apparently as a violation of TOS agreement. I suppose they saw it as a commercial advertisement. I have since recovered the first video and posted it on my own web site server so it still works.

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