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BAD RUBBER -Front Suspension A-arm Bushings -- FT-022

At 08:22 AM 11/4/04 +0000, the Webbs in the UK wrote:
>"During the restoration of our Coupe (YM1-2558) we purchased a full set of front suspension bushes from the MGOC. These were fitted approximately 10 - 12 months ago, now the car has not yet returned to the road and the bushes are disintegrating!"

Rubber parts in general are a problem, and this one seems to re-occur periodically. Even when all is going well, and some past problem has been corrected, another batch of bad parts can sneak in occasionally. The problem happens when the parts are molded from natural rubber rather than from Neoprene. Natural rubber is not necessarily cheaper, but it can be a mistake. Sometimes the supplier knows about it, and drops the price to liquidate the parts (on some unsuspecting bean counter). Good way to lose a customer. In a case where the supplier does not know about it, they are usually grateful to hear the report so they might be able to do something to correct the problem.

I do not have any good contact at MGOC (not being a member), so I will have to leave this one as a simple report and hope that someone closer to the source may be able to do something constructive.

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